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The Woman Who Married a Cloud: The Collected Short Stories

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9781453287965
Nominated for a 2012 Bram Stoker Award and a 2013 British Fantasy Award: Thirty-eight extraordinary stories from award-winning author Jonathan Carroll

For more than thirty years, Jonathan Carroll’s writing has defied genre conventions. Known for his novels—including The Land of Laughs, Bones of the Moon, Sleeping in Flame, and many other compelling and often surreal stories—Carroll has also created an eloquent body of short fiction. The Woman Who Married a Cloud brings his stories together for the first time. In the title story, a matchmaking effort goes awry and leads one woman to a harrowing moment of self-discovery. In “The Heidelberg Cylinder,” Hell becomes so overcrowded that Satan sends some of his lost souls back to Earth. And in “Alone Alarm,” a man is kidnapped by multiple versions of himself. By turns haunting, melancholic, and enchanting, Carroll’s richly layered stories illuminate universal experiences, passions, and griefs. Described by NPR’s Alan Cheuse as “so richly imaginative, so intellectually daring,” The Woman Who Married a Cloud is essential reading for Carroll fans and short-story lovers alike. 
This ebook contains an exclusive illustrated biography of the author including rare images from his personal collection.
Praise for The Woman Who Married a Cloud
“Carroll’s stories are so richly imaginative, so intellectually daring, you don’t dare read the book end-to-end, so take it slow, a few stories at a time so you can savor them.” —Alan Cheuse, NPR
“Hopefully this new collection of short fiction will shine the spotlight on this incredible writer who deserves superstar status.?The Woman Who Married a Cloud is dense with thoughtful, haunting tales.” —San Francisco Book Review
“Readers discovering Carroll for the first time are the literary equivalent of treasure seekers finding a buried chest full of gold, explorers putting their feet to a new continent. . . . These are stories of considerable beauty and grace, even when they hold up the uglier aspects of humanity to closer view. Such things as infidelity, relationship breakdown, terminal disease and other loss are explored, and unimagined deeper truths revealed. In all his fiction, Carroll is a seeker, and a speaker of truths, attempting to find, rather than make, meaning from the randomness in which we live.” —Edmonton Journal
“There are dogs and children and lost lovers populating these tales, to be sure, and there are fair doses of grief and sentiment in some of them, but mostly there are the lineaments of a vision so distinctive, and so morally grounded, that it hardly bears comparison with anything else in modern fiction at all.” —Locus
Praise for the Work of Jonathan Carroll
“[Carroll is] one of the special ones, one of the few . . . He opens a window you did not know was there and invites you to look through it. He gives you his eyes to see with, and he gives you the world all fresh and honest and new. . . . He has the magic.” —Neil Gaiman
“I love Jonathan Carroll’s books. They are surprising and delightful as Rottweiler puppies—and they bite too.” —Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler’s Wife
“Sexy, eery and addictive.” —The Washington Post Book World

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  • Title : The Woman Who Married a Cloud: The Collected Short Stories
  • Author: Carroll, Jonathan
  • Publisher: Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • ISBN: 9781453287965

Jonathan Carroll (b. 1949) is an award-winning American author of modern fantasy and slipstream novels. His debut book, The Land of Laughs (1980), tells the story of a children’s author whose imagination has left the printed page and begun to influence reality. The book introduced several hallmarks of Carroll’s writing, including talking animals and worlds that straddle the thin line between reality and the surreal, a technique that has seen him compared to South American magical realists.

Outside the Dog Museum (1991) was named the best novel of the year by the British Fantasy Society, and has proven to be one of Carroll’s most popular works. Since then he has written the Crane’s View trilogy, Glass Soup (2005) and, most recently, The Ghost in Love (2008). His short stories have been collected in The Panic Hand (1995) and The Woman Who Married a Cloud (2012). He lives and writes in Vienna.