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Holy Shakespeare! 101 Scriptures That Appear in Shakespeare's Plays, Poems, and Sonnets

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9781455570416
101 lines or passages from William Shakespeare's works paired with Scripture passages that appear in the bard's classics. To be published just in time for the Shakespeare 400th celebrations.

Shakespeare was heavily influenced by Holy Writ. Bible lines, characters and narratives are "verbal characters" in the his plays, poems and sonnets, sometimes subtly and sometimes blatantly. But they are there, revealing the deep scriptural well that was the culture from which Shakespeare drew and also reminding us of scenes and stories in the Bible.

Shakespeare knew the Bible--as did everyone during that time. He used Scripture freely in what he wrote because through such biblical allusions, audiences would immediately grasp his meanings, charaterizations and unfolding situations. His works-meant to be performed-gave Scripture life. The Bible was not mere words in Shakespeare's work, but, like all of Scripture, were used for reproof, instruction, conviction and training.

Listening to Shakespeare with an ear that's open to whispers from God's Word can kindle both passion for his great literary works and the Greatest Book of all, Holy Scripture.

From The Bard and the Bible:

"HERE is a great little book to pop under the Christmas tree for someone you know will appreciate it. Holy Shakespeare! is evidence that the Great Bard was certainly familiar with the Bible's stories, teaching and wisdom. His work is peppered with scriptural sentiments and biblical imagery that 16th century audiences would have easily understood because they lived in a biblical culture. Children grew up learning to read by reading the Bible; and people stopped to listen as travelling actors performed plays based on Bible stories. Scripture permeated Shakespeare's day, so when he sat down to write, it's no wonder that it appeared in his works. This book captures 101 of these instances, juxtaposing Shakespeare's lines with the biblical sources on which they are based. Interspersed throughout are noteworthy facts about the life of Shakespeare and the era in which he lived. Here's a quote from King Richard 11 (act v, scene 2) which seems apposite for our present time:

'Oh! If you reare this House

against this House

It will the woefullest division prove,

That ever fell upon this cursed Earth.'

Now read Matthew chapter 12. 25 and what Jesus had to say about a kingdom divided against itself. The author admits that she probably would have received a much better grade in her high school English Literature class if she had only detected that Shakespeare's works contained many of the Bible stories and teachings she was learning in Sunday school. I can empathise with that. John Singleton is a local preacher in the Tower Hamlets circuit."

ā€”John Singleton, Methodist Recorder

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  • Title : Holy Shakespeare!: 101 Scriptures That Appear in Shakespeare's Plays, Poems, and Sonnets
  • Author: Sparks, Maisie
  • Publisher: FaithWords
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • ISBN: 9781455570416

Maisie Sparks is author of 151 Things God Can't Do which was updated and republished in October 2015. She is author of the Christian bestsellers 101 Things God Can't Do and 101 Things the Devil Can't Do.