Noet Ebooks FAQ

What is Noet Ebooks?

Noet Ebooks is an ebook store with a growing catalogue. You can find a wide range of titles in various genres from a diverse group of authors.

How are Noet ebooks different from other ebooks?

Noet ebooks are specifically designed for use in the Noet app. The Noet app lets you search your books, take notes, highlight passages, and more right in your ebooks.

How do I read my books?

You can read Noet ebooks in the Noet app, or on the Vyrso, Verbum, or Logos platforms and mobile apps.

It’s simple—find the ebook you want to purchase, check out, then open the Noet app. Your purchase will automatically sync to the app. You will need to log in to the Noet app using the same login used on

What is my Noet Ebooks login?

Your web login is the email address you used to register at You can edit your account in your Account Settings.
If you already have a Faithlife account, you'll use that same account on Noet Ebooks.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it online.