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Noet Ebooks offers a wide range of books from a variety of authors and publishers. Find your favorite series, genre, or author and start reading today!

To get started, find the title you want to read, check out, and then download the Noet app! Your ebooks will automatically show up in your app. Noet ebooks also work in the Verbum, Vyrso, and Logos mobile apps and platforms.

Where we're from

Noet Ebooks is a new store for serious readers. Our parent company Faithlife Corporation has been in the ebook business for over 20 years with Logos Bible Software. Bible software requires powerful searching, multi-window interfaces, complex annotation, and strong tools for academic writing and scholarly research. Noet Ebooks brings all that power and experience to all kinds of ebooks.

Our ebooks are super-easy to use in our free mobile apps, or on the web, and if you ever need to organize your research or write a paper you can download our free desktop application for an unparalleled study experience. Your full Noet library, notes, highlights, and more will be right there!